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Exploration, Identification and Security of Subsea Articles is Now Possible with Athena’s Autonomous Electroluminescent Guide Lines. Athena provides a family of engineering products and solutions in high-security fields, like aeronautics, defense industries, energy, the naval sector and transport. Athena’s combined skills bring you a range of luminescent systems that are mobile, innovative and of superior quality, offering you optimal performance however you choose to use them. Their equipment is suitable for use by all types of operators working in rescue operations or investigations in hostile conditions.

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Glen Technologies, LLC

Technoleap’s Portable Utility Powered by Solar (PUPS) Transit Case Assemblies support forward operating bases in remote locations where traditional power sources are either not available or economically feasible.

Each PUPS Transit Case Assembly consists of two (2) solar panels, hardware (for angular positioning of the solar panels), and a connecting cable for integration into a power grid.

PUPS Transit Case Assemblies can be configured with different types of solar panels supplying nominal power up to 476 Watts. They are stackable eight (8) cases high and each case assembly weighs 145 lbs.

Our PUPS assemblies absorb shock and vibration associated with transit. When configured for transport, they can be dropped from 4 ft. without damaging the solar panels.

Each PUPS Transit Case Assembly can be handled by a minimum of 2 Persons.